With over 30 years experience, we have led the effort to improve sustainability and reduce impacts across the arts, in events, sport and for corporate clients. Our groundbreaking work has resulted in real change and improvements.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to finding bespoke solutions to the problems our clients may face. We will work with them to identify what the issues are, what can be done about them and how they can go about affecting change.

At Kew the Music I wanted to look at short and longer terms ways that we could improve the environmental impact of the concert series but didn’t have the expertise or the time in house to put the focus on it that we needed. We decided to recruit an ‘Environmental Champion’ who’s role would be to identify changes we could make to the existing set up whilst also looking for bigger projects that could be adopted. Over the past two years Hope Solutions was the perfect choice.
— Zac Fox, Head of Ops, Kilimanjaro Live

What We've Achieved

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